Jill is a beautiful, young rabbit. She is calico and white with lovely, tall ears. She is probably about 7 months old and was found with Ella abandoned in a carrier on a park bench. Jill is an active, out-going bunny who will like a home with room to run and fun things to do. She uses her litter well and will be a good companion bunny.

4 comments to Jill

  • Vivi

    Jill seems to be my type! I’ve always wanted a lovely bunny or rabbit (from three to eleven; my age, years old). I think I would like to adopt her!! :D

  • admin

    Of course you can understand that we wouldn’t adopt her to an 11 year old. Please discuss this with your parents and if they are also interested in adopting her please fill in the adoption application form on the adoption info page.

  • Bianca

    Jill looks like such a sweet loveable cuddly bunny! Will she get along with a baby bunny? Also is she still available :)

  • admin

    Call Olga at 604 612-7699 for further information

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