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The Special Rabbits of VRRA


Hash is a medium size tan and white rabbit with a gentle personality. He came to VRRA badly neglected, with his fur matted and a bad upper respiratory infection. One hind leg didn't work as well as it should. Hash's respiratory infection became much better and he enjoyed playing in his pen on the lawn and his petting sessions every evening. Slowly he lost strengh in his hind legs but he always remained hungry, bright and interested in the world around him. In the summer of 2005 he was fitted with a K-9 Kart. Hashbrown can now enjoy the grass again and get around the living room.

Cart fitting at K-9 Karts in Washington.

Hashbrown with his Ruby.


Little Able-Angel was born with a twisted spine. Her young care-giver wasn't sure what to do for her so turned her over to VRRA.

She has one badly deformed hind leg that prevents her from getting around. She will soon have surgery to remove it. This little bunny is as curious and perky as any baby rabbit and will soon be in better shape to bounce about.





Patrick is a tan and white Rex rabbit with very tall ears and an active, out-going personality. He came to VRRA as a baby boy with a badly broken hind leg. It was too badly broken to heal and so was amputated.

Patrick does very well with his three legs, jumping up on the furniture with ease and doing the bunny 500 around the room. He particulary likes to chase the cat and dog.


Patrick takes a moment to relax.