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Call for Photos

For our 2010 calendar we wish to feature rabbit behaviours. If rabbits had Olympics what would their events be? Vancouver is hosting the 2010 winter Olympics so in honour of that we will have "The Olympic Rabbits". We are looking for high resolution digital photos of rabbits doing rabbitty things (naturally not posed).

Some events to capture (and some will be hard but we are hoping)

-Sleeping - especially the "dead" rabbit pose
-Yawning and stretching
-the binky (of course)
-standing tall (periscoping)
-grooming (self and others - the ear groom, face washing etc)
-the jump and shake - hard to get - everyone know what I mean by this? It's one of the most adorable moves
-exploration (getting into things, on things, under things)
-snuggling (bun pairs or groups)
-mounting - I know a bit riske but it's a common behaviour and can be quite comical especially with a big and small bun
-boxing (at that evil dust pan or broom)

If your bunny does any of these things regularly but you can't capture them on film, let us know and we will have someone else come and give it a try. (Assuming you live in the Vancouver lower mainland.)

We have probably missed something so add to the list if you like - as long as it is a natural bunny behaviour.
Please send photos to: vrrarobin@gmail.com and PLEASE put your name and the pose as the subject - example "Barbara Smith - sleeping". This is because it is very difficult to sort messages if they all say "calendar entry" or "photos". :) Thanks