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VRRA is against cruelty or neglect of rabbits whether they be house pets or farm animals. Not all the views expressed by articles presented on this page are necessarily those of VRRA.

Do you believe rabbits or other animals should be sold as livestock in pet stores? Send your comments, opinions or stories to rescue@vrra.org
Are you aware of rabbit dumping sites in your area? If so, e-mail rescue@vrra.org and help VRRA address the issue.

Changes to the Cruelty to Animals Act - read here.
Pet Store Rabbits.
Many rabbits are purchased on impulse from pet stores. Children and adults see the cute baby bunnies and want one without thinking about how to properly care for them or what exactly they are supporting by buying one. Where do these bunnies come from and what often happens to them? Some are impulse purchases that quickly wear out their welcome. (Read Leo's story) Some even end up back in the pet store! (Read Samantha's story)

Rabbit fur is for rabbits!

Fur Bearer Defenders - A non profit society working to stop the use of cruel traps.

Why rabbits should not be declawed.

Many companies test their products on rabbits. For a list of the products to boycott go here.

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